How it started

When it comes to capturing wildlife with your phone through any optics, every moment matters. In fact in some cases, it can even come down to the second. Back in the Fall of 2020 I was fortunate enough to draw a once in a lifetime Idaho Bighorn Sheep tag in one of the top units in the state. With all the excitement and almost disbelief that came from me reading, "Dear [HUNTER], Congratulations you were successful in drawing the controlled hunt species and number listed below: Rocky Mtn Bighorn Sheep" there was also a fair share of stress and anticipation that comes with these once in a lifetime tags. I am not complaining of course, just sharing the reality of the matter.

Like any other dedicated hunter (or hoper), I wanted to harvest a mature older aged class ram. I knew this would take hard work, and many hours in the mountains capturing as much content as I could before the season began. It was on one particular trip I found myself looking through my Swarovski ATS spotting scope at a very large and mature ram that was on the move. I frantically tried to get my digiscoping adapter set up and ready to go before the ram walked into the trees out of sight. It was in that moment that it happened...I spent too much time trying to get my phone connected to my spotter and this mature bighorn walked into the trees, out of sight, never to be seen again. I actually have a video of me expressing my frustration on one of my old phones.

That experience is what led me to want to create something better. I wanted to make a product that would would allow any wildlife enthusiast to capture their outdoor experiences and memories in a quicker, more efficient manner than ever before. Like I said earlier, sometimes it comes down to even a second. That is why MagScope was born.