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Are you or someone you know ready to go on an epic retreat in Alaska and get a taste of the untamed Alaskan frontier? We want to help send someone on this experience that will appreciate and love it!
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Retreat Testimonials

Check out some of the testimonials from people who have experienced the Women's Alaska Retreat recently.

Jasmine C.

"The words to properly convey what Tana and her team/family offer to those willing to take this leap don’t exist.  I’m not a “young” woman, and I’ve been blessed to travel dozens of countries with amazing people and we’ve had incredible adventures and have crazy stories to tell, but being in Alaska with Tana was different. I now measure my life by everything that happened before the moment I stood alone on the tundra looking out on a place that is the closest to untouched wildness I’ll probably ever know, and everything after. I dare you to find anything that will make you feel more alive and deeply human. As a leader, Tana strikes the perfect balance of thinking and taking care of everything while still leaving space for the trip to develop in its own natural way as the land, weather and the particular grouping of women dictate - which you’ll come to learn is the secret to Alaska that makes it so alluring. This trip will change your life if you let it.”

Amanda R.

“Tana, her family, her coaches on the retreat Were all FANTASTIC!!! Could not ask for a better experience. It was so refreshing to go somewhere new and unknown with people like Tana who are locals and know the area confidently. I felt safe, and well guided the entire retreat! The experiences I had in Alaska on the retreat were definitely bucket list worthy!! 1000000% DO IT!

Thanks to this group of lovely souls I have stepped out of my comfort zone. I have found the love of friendship, the excitement of traveling and the joy of always having something to look forward to. Sometimes you just have to trust yourself and book the trip”

Simone D.

“No words can express how incredible of an experience Tana and her coaches provided. This was a trip of a lifetime and I would do it every year if I could. It was a perfect opportunity to disconnect, explore, get in touch with nature, and be around so many other amazing, inspirational, and like-minded people. The leaders of this retreat made the entire experience unforgettable from their knowledge, authenticity, patience, and passion. It's hard to put this experience into words or explain how one week could change your life . But it truly did . Disconnecting from all your responsibilities and the world, gives you time to really think.  Away from service, your titles, your day to day, it just lets you be yourself. For me, the best part was finally finding women that I instantly connected with . That doesn't happen easily and it has changed me. Not only for that week but every moment since then. Best experience and the best team hands down”

July 7-14 2024 Trip Itinerary


Travel day. Fly Into Anchorage, Alaska by the evening, and stay in a nearby Airbnb with the group


Get to the Anchorage airport by 8am and check in on Alaska Airlines. (Tana will book this flight for you). Fly to King Salmon via Alaska Airlines, arrive mid day.

Tana will pick you up and we will go right to the float plane dock and fly to the world famous Brooks Falls for a half day of Bear viewing in the beautiful Katmai national park. We will fly back to King Salmon by dinnertime, and chef Adam will prepare a delicious dinner for us. We will stay at our airbnb that night, with an optional sauna sesh in our natural cedar wood sauna.


Tuesday, Shooting Instruction : Gunwerks Rifles, Taurus Handguns, and traditional archery. Gain confidence in shooting and self defense scenarios with an entire day of shooting practice. Pack up for camp in the evening with another delicious home cooked meal and an airbnb to sleep in.


Wednesday, Monday, Camp time! Fly out with ARL from the lodge in the morning via floatplane to a stunning remote lake in the morning. Set up base camp with 3 tents (3 people per 6 man tent). In the afternoon we will do fun activities, orienting to camp, Fly fishing , and water activities. Sleeping accommodations are 3 people per 6 man tent. Tents, sleeping pads and sleeping bags are provided along with all other camping gear.


Tuesday, Hiking/Backpacking Day! Spend the day backpacking and exploring through the most wild parts of Bush Alaska with incredible views , rivers, mountain lakes, mountains, and waterfalls.


Wilderness Survival Day. Learn important First aid, fire building, shelter building, and gain confidence in wilderness survival scenarios. Fish during our breaks or free time, or enjoy time on the water if weather allows.


Saturday, Pack up camp, and be picked up via floatplanes and flown back to King Salmon by the afternoon. Salmon fish in the afternoon if we have extra time. Check in to Bear Trail Lodge and shower, and have a delicious 3 course dinner with drinks, and rest at the beautiful lodge on the river for your last night here. They usually have a masseuse here also if you need to squeeze in a massage after camping.


travel day- Sunday Pack up, eat breakfast, and fly out of King Salmon at 12:30pm back to Anchorage. Fly out of Anchorage anytime after 3pm


Anyone eligible under list of “qualifications” can apply. No purchase required. The application process begins on May 17, 2024 and ends on June 3, 2024.

This scholarship is for the retreat dates of July 7-14 2024 (including travel days). By applying for this scholarship, you are in good health and willing to be off grid for one week in bush Alaska with no roads, no cell service, & no hospital nearby. You also understand that if you win, you are willing to get yourself to Anchorage, Alaska by the evening of July 7th 2024, with the right clothing needed for the trip (Bristol Bay Retreats will send you a packing list) and fly out of Anchorage the afternoon or evening of July 14th 2024.

Bristol Bay Fitness reserves the right to change any part of the retreat as necessary.  In the very unlikely event that Bristol Bay Fitness must cancel the retreat, participants will be given the option to transfer all payments to a future retreat or to receive a full refund. Bristol Bay Fitness is not responsible for expenses incurred in preparation for any cancelled retreat, such as airline tickets, loss of work, and/or other costs associated with preparing for your trip.

Please note your Responsibilities: 1) all clients will be required to follow the safety policies and procedures of the BBR (Bristol Bay Retreats), and the guides’ or coaches' instructions during activities. 2) All clients will be required to sign a Participant Release of Liability, Waiver of Claims, Assumption of Risks and Indemnity Agreement in favor of BBR before departing on any trip; and 3) each client agrees and acknowledges when they sign up for a BBR activity that they have significant responsibility for their own safety and that they agree they are ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE for their own safety during participation in a tour.